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      Celebrating Black History Month

      Celebrating Black History Month

      Hello Gorgeous,

      I hope you are doing amazing.

      Can you believe we are already in month 2 of 2021? Time is going by so fast. Speaking of this month, Happy Black History Month!

      To start things off, I think it’s worth mentioning some African American women who have made history and are leading such an incredible path. 

      Today I wanted to share with you some famous and maybe not so known African American women who have made history.

      1). OPRAH WINFREY – who is an iconic woman; is an “American talk show host, television producer, actress, author, and philanthropist” ¹; she made history in 1986 when she became the first African American woman television host on her own show; which was very successful.² Oprah has been very successful in that she has her own network called OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network.

      Image result for oprah


      2). KAMALA HARRIS – is an American politician and attorney, who was born in Oakland, California – she recently made history being the United States’ first female vice president, and the first African American and first Asian American vice president.¹ Upon hearing the news that she and Biden won the presidency and vice-presidency, her infamous words were, “We did it Joe!”

      Image result for kamala harris


      3). VIOLA DAVIS – is an American actress and producer who has won several

      awards, such an Academy Award, a Primetime Emmy award, and two Tony Awards and is the first African American person to achieve the ‘Triple Crown of Acting.’ She has also been named as one of the most influential people in the world in 2012 and 2017.¹

      Image result for viola davis


      4). HENRIETTA LACKS – was an African American women whose cancer cells are the source of the HeLa cell line, the first immortalized human cell line and one of the most important cell lines in medical research. Henrietta’s cells have made many scientific discoveries and continue to do so. (Fun fact: Oprah Winfrey made a movie about Henrietta’s life, which is definitely a must-see). P.S.
      there is a book written about Henrietta’s life as well, and it is amazing! The author, Rebecca Skloot truly outdid herself in combining history and science into one.

      Image result for HENRIETTA LACKS

      5). WENDY WILLIAMS – is an American personality television star. She began her career in the 1980’s as a radio DJ in the east coast. However, her bigger-than-life personality allowed her to shine in her own show by 2008, called,
      ‘The Wendy Williams Show’, where she talks about the hottest celebrity gossip. Her show has been very successful, as it has been running for 13 seasons, and
      this past month in January, Ms. Wendy Williams held a special event on Lifetime, which featured her movie and documentary about her life.

      Image result for WENDY WILLIAMS

      Congratulations to these women on their success!

      It’s truly amazing to see the things these women have accomplished. It was an absolute honor to have witnessed Kamala Harris being sworn in and making an oath to protect this country. Most importantly, representation matters, having these women make history matters, Black Lives Matter!

      I hope you enjoyed reading about these powerful women and feel inspired as well. While the women on this list are obviously not all-inclusive, as there are way too many amazing African American women who have made history, the women on this list have been chosen to highlight success in different areas of their respective careers.

      ¹ – source: Wikipedia
      ² –source: Clarionledger.com


      3 Planner Tips for newbies!

      3 Planner Tips for newbies!

      Hello gorgeous!

      I hope you all have been having a wonderful week so far. It’s been sunny and somewhat windy over here in California – definitely makes me miss the beach and having picnics with yummy snacks.

      While decluttering my desk area, I was looking at my old stack of planners, and it made me reflect on my purpose for using them. It reminded me of when I first started my planner journey; not to mention how much money I spent on sticker books and tons of sticky notes! lol 

      While there are many who have been in the planner community for some time, I know that there are some new faces too. And this blog post is dedicated to you!

      When I started my planner journey, I was not sure where to begin. I knew I wanted a planner, but I didn’t know what I needed. There were so many cute stationery items to choose from too.
      So, to begin our planning journey, I have compiled a couple of questions to get us started.


      Tip #1) Figure out what it is that you would like to get out of your planner?

      One of the purposes of having a planner is to live an organized life. Your planner should help you do just that. If you already own a planner, spend a few minutes looking through it and see which sections you have – monthly, weekly, extra note pages? (More in Tip #2)
      (P.S. if you currently don’t own a planner, head on over to our website and check out our planner).

      Also, think about what your daily life looks like. Where do you spend your time?

      What tasks are you doing?

      Maybe Sundays are your only days off, and you have to clean the house, go grocery shopping, or meal prep.
      Once you figure these things out, it’s time to look at step #2.

      Tip #2) How will you use this helpful tool in your everyday life?

      In looking at the different sections noted above, these pages can come in handy when you have to jot down birthdays, upcoming appointments, interview times and dates, exams, dates, etc.

      The extra notes pages can be a place for you to write how you’re currently feeling, Netflix recommendations, interesting quotes, etc. Maybe you saw some cute stickers from our website that you have been wanting to get and decided to write down the info on your wish list.

      By keeping track of lists and to-do’s – it will help you become better organized and have a better overall sense of what you need to do, and when.


      Tip #3) Based on your needs, what planner size best suits you?

      It is also important to keep in mind what planner size you may need. There are many different sizes, (but we will touch on the main three) such as:


      • pocket (small)
      • personal (medium)
      • A5 (large)

      For example, if you don’t have much to do, a small planner in pocket size (3.9” x 5.5”) may be the size you are looking for. As a bonus, this planer size is perfect for on-the-go because it can fit
      in almost every purse or bag.

      Another popular size is the personal size agenda, (5.5” x &.1”) – this is also a great planner to carry on-the-go. It has a bit more room but is somewhat narrow in size.

      Last but not least, the A5 agenda, (7.1” x 8.7”) is currently the biggest size. It is great for those
      who are busy and need a lot more room to write. This can be used as an at-home agenda, due to its size.

      I hope this helps you in your planner journey!


      6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Planner

      6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Planner

      Did you know using a planner actually brings you more benefits than being organized and joy? 

      According to Dr. Barbara Markway of Psychology Today, using a daily planner boasts several benefits, including better time management, stress relief, and increased creativity. A planner has the potential to keep you organized throughout the days, weeks, and months of every year. So, don’t let all that paper go to waste by letting it sit empty on a desk all year! Whether you are an avid planner or are simply looking for ways to improve your overall organization and productivity - here are six tips to get the most out of your planner and transform it into the ultimate organizational tool.

      1.  Define What You Want to Plan

      Planners can be used in a multitude of ways, so it’s important to narrow down exactly what you want to organize in your own planner. The planner could be for work tasks and meetings, kids’ sports or other family and social events, or perhaps your fitness regimen and meal plans. You may even want the ability to list all those things in the same planner - and that’s fine! Just identify exactly what it is that you need to include in your personal planner.

      2. Find the Best Planner for Your Needs

      Once you identify what it is you’d like to organize, it’s time for the fun part: selecting your planner! There are endless stylish designs to choose from to match your personality, but the cute-factor is not all you need to consider!

      Think about what size planner you need.

      Does it need to fit in a small purse or briefcase, or do you want a larger size with more space to write?

      Most importantly, consider the format of the planner.

      Depending on your needs, you may opt for an hourly, horizontal, or vertical weekly layout. Really keep your needs in mind when selecting the best planner for you.  

      3.  Create a System That Works

      If you like to stay organized and are investing in a planner, chances are you like to organize the way you organize, too. Everyone is different, so create an organizing system that works for you. Whether you only highlight the really important stuff, color code groups of tasks or events with colored pens, or utilize stickers to draw attention to certain notes - most planners come with or have the option to buy custom inserts and accessories to put a special system in place.

      4.  Spend Time with Your Planner Every Morning

      We have all read various posts about the best way to start your day...mindful meditation, don’t hit snooze, exercise, etc. Your planner should be a part of your morning routine!

      Grab a cup of coffee, sit down with your planner, and go over the day ahead of you. Take time to think about how you will accomplish each task, and jot down any notes or items you might be missing. Being knowledgeable about what all you need to get done and having a plan for it will help you stay on track and increase productivity.

      5.  Review It Every Night

      By now, it should sound like your planner is supposed to be your best friend, your right-hand man, and it is! Once your day is done, take time once again to sit down and review your planner. Take inventory of the tasks you’ve completed for the day, any tasks that will have to run over onto tomorrow’s To-Do list; evaluating if anything needs to be added to the calendar for this week, month, or year.

      6. Write Down Everything

      Ultimately, to get the most out of your planner, you need to have it nearby throughout the day and write everything down. Keeping your planner handy and jotting down anything seemingly important will ensure you stay organized, greatly enhance productivity levels, and prevent you from forgetting any little details. Start thinking of your planner as your brain on paper. Anything you think is safe to write down. 

      With that said, let’s get to planning!



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