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      A sneak peek of December's Box!

      A sneak peek of December's Box!

      Hey there, Gorgeous! We here at the Fabulous Planner have exciting news...         🎉  WE’RE BACK BABY! 🎉  Back to blogging that is. As a part of our 2022 commitment to release new content, we are bringing you a more in depth look at all things planning.

      We’re kicking it off with a reintroduction of the Fabulous Planner Boxes. Every month, we release a themed subscription box that includes products to help keep your planners organized and fabulous. There are two types of boxes available. The Classic Box includes 9-10 products that are functional for any type of planners. The Luxury Box includes all previously stated products as well as a dashboard and insert(s) that are customized to the size your planner. We’ll be reviewing the Classic Box but if you’d like to see what the Luxury Box has to offer, check out our Instagram!

      This past months theme was, “This is My Year” and included so many goodies to help prepare for the year to come. First up, is a 4 pack of stickers which include 60 images to help guide you to the 2022 of your dreams. Next, a beautiful rose gold and tiffany blue pen with floral and gem accents. A must need to get all those goals down! Then, to help you accentuate any day, a roll of washi tape. This comes in a nude pink with a highly reflective print which has the days of the week. 🚨 NEW PRODUCT ALERT!🚨 This next one is a washi tape cutter. Simply clip the cutter around the washi tape and gently pull up. My perfectionism is giving this newbie heart eye! 😍

      Up next, a pastel set of sticky flags/bookmarks. These are great to mark where you left off or a colorful way to keep a project organized. Keeping on with the pastel tones, we have a 5 pack of gel pens. These are fine tipped and write OH-so-smoothly! I’m absolutely in love with the tones offered. 🔥  HOT TIP 🔥  if you like to color code your planner or projects: pair the pastel flags with the gel pens to get organized in the cutest way possible.

      Next up in the spot light, is this cutesy heart planner charm. This is offered in an assortment of colors. Fingers crossed that your fav color is featured! Staying on theme with all things adorable, we’ve got these lovely rose push pins. These are great to use for those vision boards. Last but certainly not least, we have a pack of die cut quotes. With over 30 options, these will give you all the sass and inspiration you need to get this year done right.


      If you’re ready to receive a fun box full of surprises every month, now’s your chance! To subscribe, simply use the link below to order your box. Limited quantities available, so only while supplies last.

      That’s all we’ve got for you this week but here’s a little sneak peak for next weeks blog:



      The Fabulous Planner

      Routines and How to Stick with them

      Routines and How to Stick with them

      Hello and welcome back Gorgeous,

       This week, and who I am kidding, this whole year has gone by so fast! Fall is in the air, pumpkin spice everything is back, and Halloween decor is starting to pop up in the stores.

      As we head into the Fall season, it made me think about my routines, which is why I wanted to talk about that for this week because while I like to be spontaneous here and there, I definitely like to stick to a routine, or try at least 🙈. And there’s something about August that seems like it’s a new year, but I think that’s because I have always associated that month with a new school year. I know there’s a few months left of 2021, but I’d like to get the most out of this year and live my best life. 

      I don’t know about you, but I could use a refresh, and to be completely honest, I have fallen off the wagon with keeping up with my routines. My intention was to start off my mornings with some meditation followed by some light yoga, but, instead I hit the snooze button. I got into the habit of hitting that snooze button over and over and just didn’t follow through with my plans. So, I know this is something I need to work on. 

      The way I plan on doing my routines is by keeping it basic and setting a morning routine, and a night routine. The next part is the part that I tend to struggle with, which is keeping track of my time. For example, when I’m at home, I don’t keep track of how long it takes me to clean a certain room or area of the house, I just do it until it’s all cleaned. However, I know I could solve this problem by simply noting down the time I start cleaning and the time I finish cleaning and then see how long it took me. By doing this, I can see not only how long it took me, but I can also plan out that chunk of time for a future date the next time I need to clean a room or another area. And keeping track of time could be done for any activity, whether it’s working out, organizing a room, or making dinner, etc.

      For example, if it took me 45 minutes to clean the bathroom, then I can look at the hourly section in my planner and see where I have time to fit this in the day. If my morning hours are booked up, and I don’t have time in the evening, but I see that my afternoon is free, then I can write in that hourly section. Not only does this help me plan my days better, but it helps me see how long a task takes. This also helps me with my routines because when I note how long it takes me to do a certain task, I can then adjust my routines to fit my schedule.

      Happy Planning, we hope this helped you.

      All you need to know about Digital Planning!

      All you need to know about Digital Planning!

      Hello Gorgeous,

      It’s been a great week over at The Fabulous Planner Headquarters! There are so many new products we just launched. Go check them out if you haven’t already.

      My fave has definitely been the desk calendar. I love having a view of the monthly calendar as I'm working, in case I have to make an appointment. So, it definitely comes in handy.

      Speaking of things coming in handy, this week’s topic has to do with something that deals with that! Any guesses? Hint: It has to do with technology.

      So, for this week’s topic, we will be talking about digital planning! I’m so excited to talk about this because I’ve been very interested in it and have been stalking digital planner accounts on IG. I know what you’re thinking, what even is digital planning?

      Generally, digital planning is planning (like on traditional pen and paper), but instead using an electronic device.

      Pictured below is an example of a digital planner. As you can see, this
      digital planner has a daily view and offers a weekly/monthly view as well.


      digital planner


      In digital planning, you can use your phone (iPhone/Android) or tablet, like an iPad and even a desktop. You can use them to plan as you would on paper, like your planner. Depending on which device you are using, you can either “write” by using an Apple pencil on the iPad. Or you can also type on the planner too.

      And just like with regular planners, there are also many digital planners to choose from. For example, you can choose from a daily/weekly/monthly planner, finance planner, teacher planner, fitness/health planner etc.

      It’s important to note that when using devices like an iPad or desktop, you have to make sure that when you purchase a digital planner, it is compatible with your device. Through researching digital planners, I have found that some digital planners need the “GoodNotes” or “Notability” app to function.

      The “GoodNotes” and “Notability” app are note taking apps and must be downloaded into the electronic device you’re using to download and access the digital planner because the digital planners come with “hyperlinks” that you can click on throughout your use of the planner to go back and forth through the “pages,” which makes it easy to navigate.

      When clicking on the hyperlinks, they take you to a certain spot in the planner. For example, in the digital planner pictured below, if you were to click on one of the days in the highlighted section, it would take you straight to the daily page of that particular day that was selected. This feature makes it easy to go through monthly/weekly/daily sections, instead of having to flip through pages.

      digital planning


      Digital planners also come in different formats, like vertical or horizontal. And some, like the one pictured above, are realistic looking to a real planner with the coiled rings and tabs on the side.

      Stay tuned for next week as we talk about the benefits of digital planning! 

      Which planner size is best for you? Find out here!

      Which planner size is best for you? Find out here!

      For this week’s blog, we will be talking about planner sizes.

      Being new to planning can be fun, but it can also feel overwhelming in trying to figure out which size is best to use for our needs. This is why I decided to look over the planners I have used and to share a little bit about them and what my experience has been using these various sizes. So, sit back, relax, and let’s get this going!

      If you are just starting out on your planner journey or are wanting to try a new size, but aren’t sure, then read on. There are so many people trying new sizes, so we thought it would be a good idea to go over several planner sizes for you and show you the ins and outs. We have a blog that goes over most of the planner sizes very briefly, but this one will provide more details.

      Pocket Pm Size

      Pictured below is the pocket planner from our collection, which comes in several colors.



      Pocket size is also known as “A7” size, or “PM” if you’re using the Louis Vuitton

      The pocket size measurements are 5.75″ x 4.20″

      The pocket planner comes with 6 rings that can range between sizes (depending on what
      you will be using it for).

      The pocket planner is one of the smaller planners in the planner sizes. It is known for being compact and easy to carry, because it can fit practically anywhere, and makes it easy to travel with.

      Because this planner is small, it can best be used for those who do not have much to do throughout the day, or do not have to write down a lot of information, since the pages have a limited amount of space to write in, as you can see below.

      It’s also important to keep in mind that because there is a limited amount of space in this planner, you have to keep the most important/most used inserts.

      For example, depending on the ring size, it may not allow you to put a full years’ worth of all the monthly and all of the weeklies, so you may need to decide whether you want to keep a years’ worth of monthlies and half a years’ worth of monthlies etc.


      As mentioned earlier, the size of the rings can vary. Some planners come with 15mm, 19mm, 20mm, 25mm, or 30mm size rings.

      In some planners you can easily switch out the rings yourself, and in others, you may need to do a little bit more of adjustments.

      You may need to experiment with ring sizes to figure out which ones work best with your planning style and needs.

      My thoughts and experiences on the POCKET size:

      Personally, I found that this planner was best used as an on-the-go planner that carried my grocery list, an inventory list of necessary items, such as shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste etc, an order tracker, and a list of items that I needed from other stores like Target, Costco etc.

      Personal Mm Size

      When I first got into planning, I would get A6 and personal sizes confused, because they are a bit similar in height. However, they do have their differences.

      Personal sized planners are also called “medium” sized planners. (Louis Vuitton also names this size as “mm”).

      Personal size measurements are: 95mm x 171mm or 3.75” x 6.75.”
      Pictured below is our personal sized planner, which is available to purchase and comes in this pretty pink and gorgeous lavender color. The measurements for this planner are 7.2” x 4.20”. This planner comes with 6 rings. And there is also a gap in the middle of the rings (to separate the top and bottom rings, as you can see in the bottom right picture).


      The rings in some personal sized planners can be changed to your liking, depending if you want to choose a certain color and size.

      In looking at the measurements, you can see that personal size is narrow compared to other planner sizes. Depending on your planner style, this may or not suit your needs. One planner hack that has been seen on IG is that you can use A6 sized paper in your personal planner. The trick is that you print A6 sized inserts, but you have to punch the inserts to fit in a personal sized planner, this is because even though A6 and personal size planners have 6 rings, the measurements are a little bit different. In this way, you can still carry around a personal sized planner, but use a different insert that works best for you.

      One of the reasons many people like personal size is because it’s also portable,
      functional, and easy to carry around.

      My thoughts and experiences on the Personal size:

      Personally, I found personal size a bit too narrow for my needs. While I loved the fact that I could take it with me everywhere and it fit in most of my purses, I didn’t like that I kept running out of room when I was writing. Because I was using this planner as my main planner and everyday carry, I felt like I didn’t have enough space. Perhaps this size could work for me if I was using it to make lists, like for example, a grocery list, where I could just jot things down and write one word like “apples,” “bananas,” “strawberries” and not necessarily “plan” in this size, since I tend to run out of room when writing from left to right.

      BONUS: there are personal wide planners out there, and we will go over that size. Stay tuned.

      Personal Wide

      In ring planners for personal wide size, the measurements are typically 4.75 in. x 6.75 in. or 121 x 171 mm.

      Some personal wide planners have 6 rings like the regular personal sized planner. The ring size is the same for both of these planner sizes. Like the other previous planners we have discussed, depending on the planner itself and the ring mechanics, you can switch out the rings to your liking (whether it’s a different color, or ring size). So, you are able to change rings in both of these planners if you are not using one at the moment. For example, if you have a regular personal sized agenda and you are not using it at the moment, you can switch those rings to the personal wide planner.

      The personal wide size has also been called a “B6 size.” As mentioned in its name, “Personal” wide has the same height as the regular personal size. The main difference between personal wide size and personal size, is that personal wide has a bit more room in the width; which is why it’s called “personal wide.” Whereas personal size is a bit narrower.

      In the first pic below you can see how the pages of the personal size are narrower than the ones on the right side of the personal wide size.


      I like to think that personal wide is in the middle between pocket size and the next size up, which is A5. I feel like personal wide gives you the perfect amount of space without it feeing overwhelming.

      My thoughts and experiences on the Personal Wide size: 

      Personal wide size feels like the perfect size because it has plenty of space, and you won't feel like you’re running out of room when writing. Like I mentioned before, trying out personal size felt like I was running out of room when I was using it as my main planner where I stored my weekly and monthly inserts. I had seen several people use personal wide planners, and they looked so good. (Leave it to IG to make you want to try a whole new planner system lol).

      Personal wide planners are also portable and can fit in a medium sized purse or bag. I think this is another reason why I like the size of this planner. I love that I can take it with me, without having to sacrifice which purse or bag I will be taking with me, because I know that this planner will fit.


      A5 Size 

      This is one of the larger planner sizes. The A5 size measures 148 x 210mm or 5.8 x 8.3”

      The A5 size is also called the “GM” size in Louis Vuitton, and they share the same

      Below is a picture of our business planner, which is in the A5 size. And on
      the right is a picture of our motivational quote planner’s, which are also in A5 size. We have additional A5 planners for purchase as well on our website.

      business plannerring planner
      Our business planner is coiled and meets all of your life’s needs, this planner has it all.
      Our motivational planners can also help you get your life back on track with the
      inspiring quote on the front covers.

      Some planners come with rings, and others, like our business planner come with coiled rings. The rings can be interchangeable, depending on the planner you use.

      The A5 size can meet your needs if you are a busy person and have a lot to do. Or, if you don’t have a ton to do, but you like a lot of empty white space/more deco, then this is for you.

      My thoughts and experiences on the A5 size:

      I had fan-girled over a lot of IG pictures of beautiful spreads using this size. I liked how much space it had, since the pages had a ton of room on them!

      During the time I was going to try out A5 size, my life was busy with work, errands, events, birthday parties etc. So, after doing some very important planner research (lol), I had preordered a planner cover and even purchased inserts to go along with it – everything was set.

      I waited months for my planner to arrive, because it was preordered and the pandemic had started and mail came slower than normal, which was understandable. But, by the time I had received my planner and other stationery goods I needed to set it up with, we were in lock down, everyone was ordered to stay at home, and basically everything was closed except essential businesses.

      When I set up my planner, which was right away because I was super excited, I had no idea how I was going to use it because the things I needed it for were not currently happening. While I still used the planner, and filled it with other things that I could do, I found that because I didn’t have much to do/plan, I had a lot more empty space in my planner than I hadn’t anticipated, and I didn’t like that so much.

      I feel like I didn’t get to fully experience the A5 size in its entirety the way I wanted to, so I would definitely have to try this planner size again as we head into “normal” life again.
      However, I did find it very useful to use my A5 planner as a finance planner because I definitely needed a lot more room to keep track of everything.
      Ultimately though, it’s definitely up to you in how you will be using the planner. Trying out different planner sizes is all about trial and error and finding out what works for you.

      So now I want to know about you, what size do you think it would work the best for you? 
      Just a reminer that we carry ring planners of all sizes and some other planners as well, like coil, discbound, the list goes on and on. You can check all the planners we carry HERE. 
      With love, 
      Daisy Martinez

      What to do with your Stationery Collections

      What to do with your Stationery Collections

      Hello Gorgeous,

      This week as I was going through my stationery, I realized I accumulated quite a
      collection! I was getting ready to reorganize everything and placed it on my bed.

      Like you, I love stickers, pens, sticky notes, highlighters, planners, and all things

      While I have always loved stationery since I was a child, it was back in 2015 that I regained my love for planning and using my planners. I purchased stationery items from all kinds of different places that I could get my hands on. It was so much fun to mix and match different patterned washi tapes with stickers and sticky notes, (because yes, my washi tape just had to match the color scheme/theme I was going for). I dedicated so much time into making my weekly and monthly spreads look put together.

      And, since I love stationery so much, I have separate collections within my stationery collection. Hello, we need options, and we can never have enough stationery stuff, right?

      Let me explain – so, my main collection can be called a “stationery collection,” but within that I have a collection of my most used pens; a collection of stickers that include deco stickers, word transcript stickers, dots/drops/heart stickers; a collection of my favorite sticky notes (I keep my “special” ones separate from other sticky notes; a collection of planners (in different sizes); a collection of notebooks, a collection of washi tapes, notepads, page flags etc.

      washi tape collectionpen collection








      Sometimes I just like to go through the different items I have and see how beautiful they are. I truly appreciate each and every item I own. I especially love going through my sticker books to see all of the different kinds of stickers I have. (There are some that are just too cute to use, so I leave them in the sticker book).

      When I was looking through my pen collection, I found some Hello Kitty ones dated from 1998! And yes, some of them still work lol. I keep these pens because it’s a bit of nostalgia and also because they are cute.

      It’s also fun to take a look at the different ways that we plan in our planners. I enjoy going through IG to see how you use our products. I like to think that our products, like the sub boxes for example, are a collection of their own. They are special products that we have curated just for you. And, I also like how no two planners are ever alike because we each have our own different styles.

      I know what you’re thinking, “do you even use all of the items you own?” – and yes, I do, well as much as I can anyway. There are days where its busy, and a notepad and pen suffice, but I like to make it pretty with a few stickers too. I try to use everything I have in different ways. For example, not only do I use stickers in my planner, I use them in notebooks too.

      Tag us on IG with your stationery collections. We’d love to see them and feature them on our IG stories.

      sticker book

      Until next time, 





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