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You are the reason why we do what we do! 

Hello! I'm Flavia: Leo, dog mom of 2, Owner & CEO of The Fabulous Planner!

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My mission is to help women stop sitting and wishing and turn their dreams into reality, one plan at a time!

~Flavia C Gabriel
The Fabulous Planner CEO




Born and raised in Brazil (as noted by my accent), I was always dreaming of moving to the United States – more specifically, California. If you ask my mom about it, she’d probably tell you it was an obsession of mine from a very young age.

In 2013, I finally decided to take a leap of faith (after a lot of planning) in turning that dream into a reality and moved to Los Angeles to pursue an education in fashion.

Fashion and anything art related have always had my heart since I absolutely love creating anything and everything!

Not much later… I met my husband and have been here ever since.

Then…. In 2015, The Fabulous Planner was born in a completely unexpected way. I bought myself a Louis Vuitton planner and searched all over for inserts that I liked visually and that suited my needs… Nothing was created in a way that caught my eye and would make me want to use this new planner.

What’s a girl to do when that happens?

Use her resources and create her own… So that’s what I did!

After the first design, I thought to myself, “maybe others would like this, too!”

I listed that design on Etsy with zero expectations and the orders. started. coming.

So I kept creating and creating all these new designs and putting more products out there!

 3 years later… The Fabulous Planner has evolved into its own business with its own website and it’s the thing that I’m most proud of, especially since I can say I did it all on my own!

It’s been my mission these last few years to help others turn their dreams into a reality by giving them the means to plan the life they desire because you don’t just write something in a planner unless you really want it!

I began this journey with one suitcase, not knowing anyone, and not having anywhere to go; I stayed in a hostel for almost two months because I couldn’t find a house that suited me; and I know that all those dreams you have feel so far away but you can make anything happen if you put your mind to it and plan for it! It worked for me and it can work for you too!

So let’s turn your dreams into a reality, one plan at a time!





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