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      Mental Health Awareness Month

      Mental Health Awareness Month

      Hello Gorgeous,

      Welcome back to our blog. For this week’s topic, we are going to be talking about
      mental health awareness, which happens to be this month.

      This topic is super important because there are many people who go through life that suffer from mental illnesses, and don’t seek help, either because of stigma, shame, or due to lack of finances.

      To begin, mental health is defined by the World Health Organization as “a state of well- being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community”¹

      mental health month


      On the other hand, mental illnesses can be bipolar disorders, depression, and anxiety (just to name a few).

      Sometimes life can seem like it is just too much, and we just need a second to breathe. Living life day to day can also seem like one big blur and we may not take the time to reflect or take care of ourselves. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a student, a parent, business-owner, etc., life can get busy and we may become overwhelmed with what we have going on.

      mental health month


      This is why I believe it is important to take time for ourselves to regroup. I’ve heard people say “Mental health is so important” – and while it sounds like such a simple statement, it’s true. Mental health gives us the ability to think logically and rationally. Mental health allows us to balance our emotions. Mental health sets the standards as to how we want to be treated, as well as setting the boundaries we don’t want crossed.

      As a former student, I remember feeling so mentally drained and stressed out. Working and going to school was a lot, and I barely had any time for myself – let alone to hang out with my friends. However, one day I decided that I needed to pay attention to how my body was reacting to the stress and the ways that I could combat it. Long story short. I found out that working out and spending time with my friends helped reduce my stress. I realized that working out made me feel not only better about myself, but I was able to think better too.

      Sometimes I have to remind myself that when things aren’t going my way, I still have my health to be thankful for. And when I do have those moments where I feel sad, or any type of anxiety, I stop what I'm doing, and I get a good workout in. Once my workout is over, I'm feeling much better.

      While people go through their own experiences, it is important to know how you can help someone going through a hard time, or how you yourself can benefit from some resources.

       You can text “HOME” to 741741 for free – they offer 24/7 crisis counseling.
       Get some fresh air – take a walk or hike
       Check in with your friends or your loved ones

      If you need additional health, please call the National
      Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

      mental health month

      Find the best planner routine for you!

      Find the best planner routine for you!

      Hello Gorgeous,

      Welcome back! As mentioned, this week’s topic is on planner routines.

      I have to be honest with you, ever since the pandemic happened, my planning style and system has changed and continues to change. I went from being super busy, to only having a little bit of things to do. I went from using an A5 size planner, to pocket, and then now a personal wide! And that’s okay because our lives change, and our planners have to adjust to those changes as well. Because life happens, our planner routines can vary.

      So, what is a planner routine? How do you get one?

      To me, a planner routine is having a system set in place where you have specific tasks to do regarding your planner and its functionality.

      Additionally, planner routines are great to have to help us stay on track on our planners and how we use them.

      Your planner can be used however you like; whether it’s a daily planning routine, weekly planning routine, monthly planning routine, etc. and even a combination of all of them.

      For example, maybe on Sundays you map out and plan out your week ahead. And because you like to plan on Sundays for the week ahead, this can be part of your weekly planner routine. Another example is, a day before a new month begins, you can take out the previous month’s inserts – and this can be part of your monthly planner routine.

      As part of your daily routine, you can check your list of to-do’s and fill out your habit tracker.

      Just like planning, while it’s tempting to copy someone else’s planner routine – it is ultimately up to you to figure out and decide what works for your planning style. For example, if someone’s monthly planner routine includes taking out old inserts (because they have a ring style agenda); but you have a coiled agenda – it won’t necessarily work for you.

      This is why it’s important to note how you use your planners. For example, if you use your planner to track your fitness goals and other health information, you may need to update your health information daily (if you are taking medication for example).

      Another example of a planner routine is checking your monthly calendar for any
      meetings or birthdays, and then transferring those events into your weekly spread.

      These planner routines serve as a gentle reminder as to how you will delegate your planning style in terms of the steps you will have to do in order to make your planner work for you.

      Samantha from @ sammysplanner on IG, has a fantastic freebie for planner routines. (Click on her handle to head on over to her LinkTree account to download). She offers vertical and horizontal layouts, as well as some blank layouts so you can fill out the cards as you see fit.

      Below is an example of the template she provides. You can choose to cut these into cards and put them inside the pockets of your planner or simply print the entire sheet out and use it as s reference as necessary.

      Make sure to tag us and @sammysplanner if you use her template.

      That's all for this week! Feel free to message or email me if you have any suggestions for blog posts or need help with anything. 


      Daisy Martinez

      How to get out of your planner funk!

      How to get out of your planner funk!

      Hello Gorgeous,

      Welcome to this week’s topic on planner funk. But, what is a “planner funk”?

      Generally, a planner funk is a phase in which we are feeling like our planners, or our planning systems are no longer serving us in the ways in which they did before. (Definition is my own).

      Once in a while, this happens to the best of us.

       For a while, maybe like a couple of weeks, I was feeling this planner funk. I enjoy planning, it’s one of my favorite hobbies. I love to plan. I love everything about my planners, using the available space I have to put cute deco cards, dashboards, dividers, stickers and sticky notes, among other stationery things, but something was missing. My planner wasn’t giving me what I needed to get out of it, and I suddenly felt unmotivated to use it.

      But I wasn’t alone. Many of us felt it when COVID began and our lives were changing drastically and so too went our plans. Life slowed down. Being forced to stay home made me rethink my entire planner system, the planner size I grew accustomed to using, and no longer needing and EDC.

       And that’s okay. Planners are meant to help us stay on track and focused. They are supposed to work for us, not against us. They’re a tool to help us throughout the day, to keep lists, or jot down things to reference for later, to remind us to call our loved ones, to keep track of our finances, etc.


      So, what should you do if you are also on the planner funk boat?

      First of all, stay off social media, or at least your planner account for a week. This helps because in this way, you are not easily influenced by others. While it can be helpful to get ideas from others, your planner should tailor to your needs first.


      Step 1

      Take a moment to look through your current planning system and see what it is about this planner or planning system that is no longer working for you.

       For example, maybe the size is too big, because you are finding that you do not have as much to do. -In this case, you can try a smaller planner size. If you have an A5, you can try personal size.


      Step 2

      Reflect on the things you have to do throughout your day that are important and any other priorities you may have.

      For example, (school) classes, making dinner, working, etc.


      Step 3

      Print freebies! Try before you buy! There are a ton of amazing freebies that you can print and test out the size before you fully commit to buying a new planner.

       Schedule the things from Step #2 in a mock-up version of your planner in a new size and see how they fit. In this way, you can see if going down a planner size is the right choice for you.

      There is no one-size fits all answer. Sometimes all we have  to do is change the rings in our planners because 19 mm is too small, so we add 25- or 30-mm rings. Maybe the solution is to not downsize but change the cover. Maybe we want to try dated inserts versus undated. Or maybe all we need is different deco and washi tapes. Maybe spiral-bound will work for a work planner.

      Whatever it is, make sure your planner works for you and your lifestyle.

      Spring Cleaning Tips!

      Spring Cleaning Tips!

      Hello Gorgeous,

      Welcome back! For this week’s topic of conversation, we are talking about organization.

      While organizing might not seem like the most fun activity in the world, it can help make you feel like one of the most put-together person in the world. All you need is a good attitude, some music, and a plan to attack the mess, oh, and maybe a second cup of coffee. Nespresso, anyone?

      Have you ever heard of the saying, “A place for everything, [and] everything in its place,” by Benjamin Franklin? That’s one of the philosophies in organization that I use to help keep me stay organized. Essentially, all of the possessions you have, have a “home” and are stored in a place where it belongs. For example, planners are kept on top of your planner cart and stickers are stored in a sticker album.

      Let’s begin! Put on some lo-fi hip hop music (for that calming effect), grab a couple sticky notes, a pen, and some boxes.

      On the sticky notes, we are going to label each with:

      - Keep
      - Donate
      - Recycle
      - Toss

      Then, we are going to stick each sticky note onto a box, so we know what goes where and makes for an easier clean-up process.

      I know what you’re thinking, organizing can be tedious and such a taxing chore, or you don’t know where to get started. However, once you start, it just gets easier.

      Maybe you prefer the Marie Kondo method, where you gather all of your belongings together by categories (ex. books, clothes, toys, etc.) and place them in one pile, then go through each item and ask yourself whether it sparks joy. If the item does spark joy, you keep it. However, if it does not spark joy, then you put it in a separate pile.

      While the Marie Kondo method can be time consuming, you can simply start by going through the dreaded junk drawer, and then gradually move on to each room in the house as you are singing to your favorite song. And before you know it, it’s an organization party!

      Also, is it just me, but I feel like there's something calming and therapeutic about cleaning. It’s this process that helps us feel good. I enjoy organizing everything in my home. You need a wrench, I got you. You need a band-aid, I got you. Or how about some tape? I have that too. I love knowing where things are in my home so that I can access them faster. And it saves you from having that mini panic attack when you can’t find your keys lol.

      And to take it a step further, we can also add labels to our boxes or containers. This way, we know what is in the containers, and makes it easier to find the items we need. (And you won’t mistake the salt for your sugar – yes, that happens when you buy clear containers and have no labels) If you need labels, we offer them, which you can also customize. You can find our labels HERE


      canister label

      And Happy Spring Cleaning!

      Until nex time! 



      Let's go back to the 90's!

      Let's go back to the 90's!

      Hello Gorgeous,

      Let’s take it back to a much simpler time; back when the internet was new and we had dial-up and we got yelled at to get off because mom or dad needed to use the phone, when our biggest concern was choosing which lip smacker to use (Dr. Pepper, anyone?), listening to our favorite Spice Girl’s song super loud in our cd player, dancing to La Macarena, being spooked after watching an episode of Goosebumps, and fighting over which boy band was better #TeamNsync or #TeamBackStreetBoys – we’re talking about the 90’s baby!

      The 90’s was da bomb! Blockbuster and Hollywood Video had all of the movies you could ever dream of, and you had to convince your mom to let you watch that one scary movie! But she didn’t let you, so you settled on Matilda. And then, you thought you had magic powers! But it turns out that when you tried to move things around with your hands, it just didn’t work. Good times. Were you shocked to find out that Lindsay Lohan was in fact NOT a twin in the movie “The Parent Trap”? And, did you also watch all of the (actual) Olsen Twins’ movies?

      On a stationery related note, who remembers Lisa Frank? Those super colorful, bright and glittery goodies that were seen all over school. The folders, pencils/pens, stickers, backpacks, and lunchboxes – it was stationery heaven. Chances are, if you loved these stationery items, then it’s safe to say you’re still a planner lover.

      lisa frank

      Let’s not forget about the cute Sanrio: Hello Kitty stationery items too! They had everything as well! Bookbags, stuffed animals, coloring books, pens/pencils, and many more stationery items. Fun Fact: at the Hello Kitty Store, they used to have a box filled with little Hello Kitty goody mystery bags, and you would pay to use a stick that had a piece of tape on it, and “fish” out a random bag. They also had a large pin wheel where you could choose a prize from wherever it landed. *images from Pinterest & Sanrio.com

      Other popular stationery items included gel pens! (Which are still used today). Not only were they used in planners, but they were also used to write notes to friends (and your crush) as a form of communication, and to (ahem, pretend that you were taking down science notes), you know, because phones were still new and so was texting. Bonus points if you had the neon ones.

      There were also those pens that had multi-colored inks, (basically the whole rainbow), and you could choose which color you wanted to try on.

      This one is a major throwback… blow pens!

      blow pens

      You get a gold star if you remember the commercial. And who could forget the Mr. Sketch scented markers! They were so bold in color and richly scented and helped make coloring  Scooby-Doo so much easier.                                            

      Last but not least, I would like to invite you to join us in continuing to share the love for the 90’s. You can shop our sub box that features items from one of our fave 90’s show, F.R.I.E.N.D.’s.






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