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      C'est La Vie : January's Luxury Box

      C'est La Vie : January's Luxury Box

      Hello Gorgeous!

      We're saying goodbye to January by taking another deep dive into the Fabulous Box subscription. This month's theme is "C'est la vie", it's all about the romance of traveling in Paris. Get ready to freshen up on your French, visit famous destinations such as Champs Elysee and fall in love with all this January's box has to offer!



      We will be focusing on a few key products including the ones that are exclusively in the Luxury Box. The biggest difference between the Luxury and the Classic Boxes is that you get inserts and a laminated dashboard that are handmade. We encourage you to check out our exact offerings, but there are multiple sizes for both ring-bound and disc-bound planners. To begin, we have the laminated dashboard which depicts the glamor of a Paris coffee house!


      *size shown is disc-bound Happy Planner*


      Next up are the planner inserts. These really allow you to get down to the nitty gritty of planning and are a great way to incorporate some of the other products included in this month's box (such as the washi tape, stickers and pen). There are generous sections for each day of the week as well as sections dedicated to ideas and goals.


      *size shown is disc-bound Happy Planner*


      To capture the romance of Paris, we included a card to send to a loved one. This Valentine is perfect to send to your best gal pal, mother or partner. This card is an A2 size (4.25 inches by 5.5 inches) and printed on matte paper #120. It is blank inside to allow you to send it to anyone you choose. If you love this one, be sure to check out our new collection of greeting cards that just launched!



      Last, but certainly not least is a face mask. This mask has Chaenomeles Sinensis Fruit Extract which is an antioxidant-rich ingredient that helps hydrates and soothe skin. As well as Lemon Fruit Extract which is an ingredient packed with Vitamin C to help promote a brighter complexion. Pop on this mask when you are in need of a little TLC and self care and it will surely brighten your day. We sure hope you love this because next month's theme is all about self care!



      That's all we have for you for now, but don't forget to check out our social media to see even more of the products in action from the January Box!




      The Fabulous Planner

      Goal Setting: How to Plan for 2022

      Goal Setting: How to Plan for 2022

      Hey, Gorgeous! Can you believe we’re already more than halfway through January? Did you set your goals for this year already? If not, there’s still time! For those of you who have, do some of your goals already seem a bit far fetched? Well guess what! There’s still time to revise them. We’re going to dive right in and talk about how to set achievable goals for the coming year. 

      Let’s start with why we need to set goals at all. Goals help us make concrete plans to curate our wildest hopes and dreams. Without goals, we end up not knowing where to focus our attention and direction. But why should we plan for them? Well, goals that are then written are 42% more likely to be achieved than those that are not. From personal experience, I spent many years saying I wanted to achieve certain things but not much ever changed. Instead of being discouraged by my failed attempts, I began putting my hopes and dreams to paper so they could help me take action! This was the missing piece I needed to make it happen. It’s been very empowering to plan for the life I want and I love to be able to look back on how much has changed, all because of setting goals.

      We’re going to start our goal setting with dreaming big! Anything and everything is valid. Use an open section of your planner or journal to THINK BIG. Once you’ve got all those down, begin to sort though them and determine if they are SMART: 



      SPECIFIC- impactful on your life.

      MEASURABLE - important to you or your overall wellness. 

      ATTAINABLE - can be achieved by making manageable changes. 

      REALISTIC - achievable or rewarding. 

      TIMELY - trackable and broken down in a manageable time period.


      This theory came from George Doran, Arthur Miller, and James Cunningham in their 1981 article, “There's a S.M.A.R.T. way to write management goals and objectives”. Using this tool, we’re going to either filter out some of those dreams or fine tune them. For example, I want to commit to having better spending habits. Without a plan or goal in mind, I might find it difficult to take any action. Keeping SMART in mind, I might make a few goals such as:


      • Use the cash budget/envelope technique.
      • Minimize my online purchases.
      • Set aside money for savings.


      All of these are great actions to help me with the overall goal of having better spending habits. These are very close to fulfilling SMART guidelines. But need a bit more fine tuning. Let’s try it once more: 


      • Determine the exact amount needed for specific activities (groceries, recreation, etc) that month and set aside cash. Plan out when and how many times I will be doing that certain category so I can divide the money per trip. 
      • Make lists or bookmarks of the items I’d like to purchase and review them at the end of the month to see if I still want or need them.
      • Set up an automatic transfer to a savings account the day after I get paid. 



      I now have a clear direction for the year on how I will spend my money more wisely. Now this guideline isn’t the end all be all of goal setting. Some might prefer a different approach. We’re still going to DREAM BIG, just as we did in the previous method. Brainstorm all those ideas and break them down by category.



      Once we have an idea of what these goals and dreams relate to, we can pick the ones we want to work on. Some of your goals might be so big they might take more time. See if you can break them down into smaller goals for the foreseeable future, such as only what’s attainable for 2022. Next, ask yourself, what are the most important ones for this year? I personally like to pick one goal from each category for the whole year. Highlight, underline or do whatever you may need to show yourself these are the most important for you to achieve. Now, you’re going to take those goals and break them down even further to create some actions. For this example, we’ll go with the health category. Let’s say I want to lose 25 pounds. What are some actions I can plan that will help me achieve that goal? I’m also going to consider what the timeframe is that I’d like to complete this by.



      I’ve decided I want to lose 25 pounds in year. That means I would need to lose about half pound per week. Here’s how I plan to do that:


      • Exercise 4 days a week, 30 minutes per workout.
      • Track my workouts and create goals along the way to level up my exercises (such as running a mile under 10 minutes, or lifting a certain amount of weight). 
      • Track my food intake and work on having a caloric deficit.


      As you can see again, I’ve created clear, concise actions for how I will achieve my goal of losing weight. These of course are just a few guidelines to help you get your goals achieved. But if they’re still not for you, that’s ok! For those of you who have different methods, we’d love to hear from you about your favorite ways to set your goals. You can post in our Facebook group or share a story on your Instagram and tag us in it! With all that said, we here at the Fabulous Planner believe each and every one of you is a goal-getter! 




      The Fabulous Planner 

      A sneak peek of December's Box!

      A sneak peek of December's Box!

      Hey there, Gorgeous! We here at the Fabulous Planner have exciting news...         🎉  WE’RE BACK BABY! 🎉  Back to blogging that is. As a part of our 2022 commitment to release new content, we are bringing you a more in depth look at all things planning.

      We’re kicking it off with a reintroduction of the Fabulous Planner Boxes. Every month, we release a themed subscription box that includes products to help keep your planners organized and fabulous. There are two types of boxes available. The Classic Box includes 9-10 products that are functional for any type of planners. The Luxury Box includes all previously stated products as well as a dashboard and insert(s) that are customized to the size your planner. We’ll be reviewing the Classic Box but if you’d like to see what the Luxury Box has to offer, check out our Instagram!

      This past months theme was, “This is My Year” and included so many goodies to help prepare for the year to come. First up, is a 4 pack of stickers which include 60 images to help guide you to the 2022 of your dreams. Next, a beautiful rose gold and tiffany blue pen with floral and gem accents. A must need to get all those goals down! Then, to help you accentuate any day, a roll of washi tape. This comes in a nude pink with a highly reflective print which has the days of the week. 🚨 NEW PRODUCT ALERT!🚨 This next one is a washi tape cutter. Simply clip the cutter around the washi tape and gently pull up. My perfectionism is giving this newbie heart eye! 😍

      Up next, a pastel set of sticky flags/bookmarks. These are great to mark where you left off or a colorful way to keep a project organized. Keeping on with the pastel tones, we have a 5 pack of gel pens. These are fine tipped and write OH-so-smoothly! I’m absolutely in love with the tones offered. 🔥  HOT TIP 🔥  if you like to color code your planner or projects: pair the pastel flags with the gel pens to get organized in the cutest way possible.

      Next up in the spot light, is this cutesy heart planner charm. This is offered in an assortment of colors. Fingers crossed that your fav color is featured! Staying on theme with all things adorable, we’ve got these lovely rose push pins. These are great to use for those vision boards. Last but certainly not least, we have a pack of die cut quotes. With over 30 options, these will give you all the sass and inspiration you need to get this year done right.


      If you’re ready to receive a fun box full of surprises every month, now’s your chance! To subscribe, simply use the link below to order your box. Limited quantities available, so only while supplies last.

      That’s all we’ve got for you this week but here’s a little sneak peak for next weeks blog:



      The Fabulous Planner

      Routines and How to Stick with them

      Routines and How to Stick with them

      Hello and welcome back Gorgeous,

       This week, and who I am kidding, this whole year has gone by so fast! Fall is in the air, pumpkin spice everything is back, and Halloween decor is starting to pop up in the stores.

      As we head into the Fall season, it made me think about my routines, which is why I wanted to talk about that for this week because while I like to be spontaneous here and there, I definitely like to stick to a routine, or try at least 🙈. And there’s something about August that seems like it’s a new year, but I think that’s because I have always associated that month with a new school year. I know there’s a few months left of 2021, but I’d like to get the most out of this year and live my best life. 

      I don’t know about you, but I could use a refresh, and to be completely honest, I have fallen off the wagon with keeping up with my routines. My intention was to start off my mornings with some meditation followed by some light yoga, but, instead I hit the snooze button. I got into the habit of hitting that snooze button over and over and just didn’t follow through with my plans. So, I know this is something I need to work on. 

      The way I plan on doing my routines is by keeping it basic and setting a morning routine, and a night routine. The next part is the part that I tend to struggle with, which is keeping track of my time. For example, when I’m at home, I don’t keep track of how long it takes me to clean a certain room or area of the house, I just do it until it’s all cleaned. However, I know I could solve this problem by simply noting down the time I start cleaning and the time I finish cleaning and then see how long it took me. By doing this, I can see not only how long it took me, but I can also plan out that chunk of time for a future date the next time I need to clean a room or another area. And keeping track of time could be done for any activity, whether it’s working out, organizing a room, or making dinner, etc.

      For example, if it took me 45 minutes to clean the bathroom, then I can look at the hourly section in my planner and see where I have time to fit this in the day. If my morning hours are booked up, and I don’t have time in the evening, but I see that my afternoon is free, then I can write in that hourly section. Not only does this help me plan my days better, but it helps me see how long a task takes. This also helps me with my routines because when I note how long it takes me to do a certain task, I can then adjust my routines to fit my schedule.

      Happy Planning, we hope this helped you.

      All you need to know about Digital Planning!

      All you need to know about Digital Planning!

      Hello Gorgeous,

      It’s been a great week over at The Fabulous Planner Headquarters! There are so many new products we just launched. Go check them out if you haven’t already.

      My fave has definitely been the desk calendar. I love having a view of the monthly calendar as I'm working, in case I have to make an appointment. So, it definitely comes in handy.

      Speaking of things coming in handy, this week’s topic has to do with something that deals with that! Any guesses? Hint: It has to do with technology.

      So, for this week’s topic, we will be talking about digital planning! I’m so excited to talk about this because I’ve been very interested in it and have been stalking digital planner accounts on IG. I know what you’re thinking, what even is digital planning?

      Generally, digital planning is planning (like on traditional pen and paper), but instead using an electronic device.

      Pictured below is an example of a digital planner. As you can see, this
      digital planner has a daily view and offers a weekly/monthly view as well.


      digital planner


      In digital planning, you can use your phone (iPhone/Android) or tablet, like an iPad and even a desktop. You can use them to plan as you would on paper, like your planner. Depending on which device you are using, you can either “write” by using an Apple pencil on the iPad. Or you can also type on the planner too.

      And just like with regular planners, there are also many digital planners to choose from. For example, you can choose from a daily/weekly/monthly planner, finance planner, teacher planner, fitness/health planner etc.

      It’s important to note that when using devices like an iPad or desktop, you have to make sure that when you purchase a digital planner, it is compatible with your device. Through researching digital planners, I have found that some digital planners need the “GoodNotes” or “Notability” app to function.

      The “GoodNotes” and “Notability” app are note taking apps and must be downloaded into the electronic device you’re using to download and access the digital planner because the digital planners come with “hyperlinks” that you can click on throughout your use of the planner to go back and forth through the “pages,” which makes it easy to navigate.

      When clicking on the hyperlinks, they take you to a certain spot in the planner. For example, in the digital planner pictured below, if you were to click on one of the days in the highlighted section, it would take you straight to the daily page of that particular day that was selected. This feature makes it easy to go through monthly/weekly/daily sections, instead of having to flip through pages.

      digital planning


      Digital planners also come in different formats, like vertical or horizontal. And some, like the one pictured above, are realistic looking to a real planner with the coiled rings and tabs on the side.

      Stay tuned for next week as we talk about the benefits of digital planning! 



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